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At Noroo Holdings Co., Ltd., we are driven by a profound commitment to excellence, an unwavering dedication to innovation, and a vision that transcends borders. With a legacy spanning decades, we have grown into a global conglomerate with a remarkable journey through diverse industries. Our primary areas of expertise encompass coatings, chemicals, cosmetics, and advanced technologies, each interwoven with our core principle – the pursuit of perfection.

A heritage of innovation
Innovation is not just a part of our culture; it is our culture. Noroo Holdings is synonymous with pioneering spirit and a passion for advancing technology. Our dedicated team of experts are consistently rising to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the ever-changing world. Through this steadfast commitment to innovation, we have become trusted partners in a wide spectrum of industries, from automotive manufacturing to construction, setting new benchmarks along the way.
Sustainability & Responsibility
We recognise our responsibility to the environment and society. Noroo is committed to sustainable practices, striving to minimise our environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly solutions. We aim to lead the way by setting new standards for responsible business practices.
Global footprint, local integration
Our global presence extends across continents, but what truly sets us apart is our focus on local empowerment. We've cultivated deep-rooted relationships with our local distributors, we are a trusted partner that tailors our solutions to the unique needs of each region. At Noroo, our commitment to local empowerment ensures that our contributions enhance and uplift the communities we serve.

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