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Since its foundation in 1945, NOROO Paint & Coatings has been developing and manufacturing over 30 thousands products ranging from architectural, protective, automotive to industrial coatings. With various highly functional paints including environmentally-friendly products, Noroo guarantees the best quality paint with perfect color, outstanding durability and gloss.

Embracing automation
Noroo has been improving its competitive edge in product quality by the complete automation and computerization of the whole process from raw material testing, import, mixing, blending, processing to packaging, while analyzing colors and building databases by applying cutting edge digital technologies in various production sectors.
Green management
After declaring the Green Management in 2010, Noroo Paint continues to pursue healthy and sustainable development. Based on 3G(Green Process, Green Product, Green Regulations) of Green Management, the first priority of Noroo’s technology development is in the benefit of harmony of human and nature.
Global footprint, local integration
Our global presence extends across continents, but what truly sets us apart is our focus on local empowerment. We've cultivated deep-rooted relationships with our local distributors, we are a trusted partner that tailors our solutions to the unique needs of each region. At Noroo, our commitment to local empowerment ensures that our contributions enhance and uplift the communities we serve.

Greetings from our CEO

NOROO moves forward to the global market as a new leader

For 78 years with much of trial and adversity, NOROO Paint & Coatings has been growing remarkably by shifting such trials into opportunities as a representative paint maker with new history.

Left behind our achievements and remarkable growth, we are creating a new future for customers and environment with our finest and eco-friendly products, advanced materials, color-based consulting and interior design services.

NOROO Paint & Coatings takes up a new step with the corporate vision “Bright Color, Smart World” pursuing strengthening future oriented core competency, field oriented management with quality and service focused and continuation of shifting and challenges. With such corporate vision we will face and develop a dynamic global market as a new leader.

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for your unstinting interest and compassion towards NOROO Paint & Coatings Company, and I hereby promise to give our customers and shareholders an utmost and well-deserved priority for the bright future.

Sung-Kug Cho
CEO, Noroo Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd.

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