Our management philosophy: pioneering the path to tomorrow

The visionary principles of our founding Chairman, rooted in the ethos of contributing to our nation’s prosperity and driven by an unwavering commitment to exquisite craftsmanship, have been the catalyst behind NOROO Group’s remarkable growth. This journey has not only contributed significantly to the foundation of Korea’s industrial development but has also laid the groundwork for our ongoing transformation.

As we stand at the threshold of a new era, NOROO Group is resolutely poised to embark on a global expedition. With a steadfast focus on honing our core competencies, we are steadfastly committed to achieving success on the global stage. This journey calls upon each and every one of our dedicated NOROO employees to not only reflect upon our past achievements but also to gain deep insights into the swiftly evolving global landscape.

Corporate vision

Bright colours, smart world


The word 'bright' points to the pleasant and hopeful future of the company.


Represents the time-honoured history and tradition of the Noroo group which has led Korea's paint industry.


Indicates our strong commitment to technological advancement, in order to make life more convenient.


Our adventurous spirit, going global and creating the better world that all of us dream of.

Beyond boundaries

Our path forward is paved with new innovations, meticulous preparation, and an indomitable spirit. The trail we blaze will not only bring joy and fulfillment to all NOROO employees but will also extend its reach to create a better world where future NOROO employees and our descendants can savor the rewards of a prosperous and delightful life.

To dream is to persist; to challenge is to thrive. Blazing a new trail embodies an adventurous spirit, coupled with a clear vision for the future. Following well-trodden paths will not lead us to discover new horizons, and seeking pre-existing routes is not a true venture.

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