Cleanpoxy Putty

When cracks appear on your surfaces, Cleanpoxy Putty steps in as the ultimate problem solver. This versatile epoxy putty is engineered for seamless crack repair, offering strength, durability, and peace of mind as it restores and protects your surfaces.


Available kit sizes:
Optimal coverage:
1.68 m²/L

Efficient Crack Repair: Cleanpoxy Putty is expertly designed to effectively fill and repair cracks, ensuring they don’t compromise the integrity of your surfaces.

Exceptional Durability: Once cured, the epoxy putty forms a strong, long-lasting bond, making it a reliable solution for maintaining surface integrity.

Versatile Application: Use Cleanpoxy Putty on various surfaces, from concrete to masonry, it can be used prior to subsequent coatings or to repair a coating.

Quick Curing: This putty boasts rapid curing times, allowing you to return to regular use without extended downtime.

Easy Application: Its user-friendly nature makes application a breeze, even for DIY enthusiasts.

Cure times

Set to touch
2 hours
Dry through
5 hours
Overcoat min/max
12 hours – 7 Days

Ratio Calculations

Ratio by volume
Current ratio 1 : 1
: 1
[volume_input] * ([ratio_volume]/([ratio_volume] +1))
[volume_input] - [resin_volume]
Ratio by weight
Current ratio 1 : 1
: 1
[weight_input] * ([ratio_weight]/([ratio_weight] +1))
[weight_input] - [resin_weight]

Data sheets

Technical data sheet

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