Polyaspartic – Non Yellowing / Fast Return To Service

Polyaspartic is an alternative to epoxy where a UV stable, non-yellowing system is desired for external use or where a fast return to service is desired.


The “Polyaspartic” System is all about delivering exceptional performance with unparalleled speed. Combining an epoxy primer with a polyaspartic top coat, it boasts a remarkably quick curing time, allowing your floors to return to service in record time. This system is not just fast; it’s highly UV resistant, ideal for heavy traffic areas, suitable for external applications, and water-resistant.

Rapid Return To Service: The standout feature of the “Polyaspartic” System is its lightning-fast curing time. This means your floors can be back in action quickly, minimizing downtime and disruption.

UV Resistant: The system’s high UV resistance ensures that your surfaces resist yellowing, and remain vibrant even under the harshest sunlight conditions.

Ideal for Heavy Traffic: Designed to excel in heavy traffic areas, the “Polyaspartic” System can take on the most demanding environments.

Water-Resistant: With water-resistant properties, this system safeguards your surfaces against moisture and liquids, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Flake: Can be used in conjunction with a full flake system for a decorative and non slip surface

Full Colour Range: Polyaspartic is compatible with our full colour range of 24 popular tints to suit any colour scheme



Heavy duty

Light Duty


Vehicle Traffic

Water resistance

Fast curing


Prime coat
1 coats
50 µm
Top coat
1 coats
200 µm

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