Heavy Duty

Suitable for heavy duty industrial areas such as commercial warehouses, show rooms, kitchens, or any other high traffic areas.


The “Heavy Duty” System takes performance to the next level, harnessing the same primer choices and top coat as the “Light Duty” System, but with a formidable addition – a robust mid coat of thick, high-solids epoxy. The result is a coating of unmatched strength and durability, designed for environments that demand unwavering performance.

Exceptional Strength: Experience unmatched strength and durability with our “Heavy Duty” System. The addition of a thick, high-solids epoxy mid coat elevates the final coating to handle the most challenging conditions, including vehicle traffic.

Dust-Proof and Self-Leveling: Our system features a dust-proof design and a self-leveling characteristic, ensuring that your surfaces remain clean and that the coating is applied evenly and flawlessly.

Ideal for High Traffic Areas: “Heavy Duty” is your ideal choice for high traffic areas, where the demands on your surfaces are constant. Its robust properties make it an excellent option for spaces that require durability and longevity.

Non-Slip: Safety is paramount, and our system is equipped with non-slip properties.

Water-Resistant: With water-resistant properties, “Heavy Duty” maintains its resilience against moisture and liquids, ensuring that your surfaces remain protected and durable.



Heavy duty

Light Duty


Vehicle Traffic

Water resistance

Self levelling



Prime coat
1 coats
50-100 µm
Prime coat
1 coats
50-100 µm
Mid coat
1-2 coats
250-1000 µm
Top Coat
1-2 coats
40-80 µm

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